Meandering Duo’s Jailbreak Story

We found a guy called Nigel who would take us from Thetford to Rotterdam with free ferry tickets so all we had to do was get to Thetford by 7pm. We decided to start walking… the walk would take 9 hours so we tried to hitchike along the way. We made it to the N&N hospital where a lady picked us up and took us to Attleborough and after 10 minutes of standing at the side of the road another guy picked us up and took us to Thetford, so we were there by 1pm. Nigel told us to go to his parents’ house; so we spent 6 hours with an 80 year old couple, talking about flowers and vegetables and enjoyed a roast dinner and apple crumble!


At 7pm we began our journey to Dover/Rotterdam but half way there realised one of our passports had expired! The lovely Nigel then went out of his way and took us to Greenwich where we stayed with a friend. We found Jim who was heading to Manchester from Fulham in the morning, so at 5am we walked 9 miles across London and were on our way to Manchester! Jim decided it might be better to drop us in Sheffield, so at 12pm on Saturday we were once again stood at the side of the road with little hope and in the rain.

Just ten minutes later though, a couple picked us up and took us to Leeds whilst we played peekaboo with their 18 month old son Lenny on the way! We were dropped at the side of a road on the outskirts of Leeds, once again losing hope in the rain. We decided to start walking to the city centre and a lovely man saw what we were doing and paid for our bus fare to the city. We stood at the side of the road heading out of Leeds for a further 2 hours before it got dark, so we headed to the coach station. After little luck in getting any further north, we decided our final destination would be Leeds!

Team Fugitives Jailbreak Story

Our Jailbreak plans started with emails to KLM to get flights to Amsterdam for free yet this proved unsuccessful so the evening before we had a sit down in the pub to work out our tactics. Our plans were pretty vague yet we were cautiously optimistic; get to Norwich International Airport and then try and blag a flight from there, if not then we would go to Norwich bus terminal and get a bus to London.


In reality we had no luck at Norwich International and ended up getting buses from Norwich to London and then London to Dover where we spent the night. On Saturday morning we were super lucky as we managed to hitch-hike a lift with a student from Loughborough uni heading to work at a ski resort in the South of France. From then on it was pretty easy going as we just had to help her navigate through Belgium, Luxembourg and France. We ended up asking her to drop us on the outskirts of Lyon early on Sunday morning as we felt it would be harder to get anywhere up in the French Alps and with only about 8 hours left till the end of the time it didn’t seem worth it. We were also super tired as we had only stopped to sleep for about 2 hours in a truck stop. We were so pleased to find out we were 6th out of 29 teams!

With hindsight it was an awesome experience and we are already planning how to do it better next year. The highlight for us was when her car pulled over at Dover. The low point was at Lyon airport with the lack of sleep and almost constant travelling making us super drained and not up for doing anything. The whole time we were amazed by people’s generosity and want to say a special thank you to Hattie who drove us to Lyon in her car.

Both photos courtesy of Livewire 1350.