Jeremy Kyle’s documentary about Norwich’s Prince of Wales Road used the city as a case study to unravel the truth of the dangers of binge-drinking. “The Kyle Files – The Dangers Of A Night Out” will explore England’s drinking culture.

Norwich was chosen for the documentary as in 2015 it was named the fourth most dangerous drinking spot in England.

For the documentary, Kyle interviewed staff from the East of England Ambulance Service, SOS bus and some of the city’s clubs last September.

He said he was ashamed by some of the stories he heard, claiming “what I saw down there was unbelievable!”

Commenting on the forthcoming documentary, a spokesperson for the SU said that more needs to be done to raise awareness of “the dangers and limitations of drinking”.

“Although the bulk of Prince of Wales customers that Kyle will have met on the Saturday night aren’t students, there are still issues for us,” she said.

“The SU are doing things to make students feel safe like Never OK, working with the community and police, and Reclaim the Night. Ultimately though students should be able to drink without fear of being assaulted or blamed for it”

It aired on Monday the 13th March.