Foud Olare, the owner of the now closed Wafou bar on Prince of Wales road, pleaded guilty to a charge of common assault at Norwich Magistrates Court last week.

Wafou was closed earlier this year following concerns of consistent breaches of licence and disturbing of the peace around Olare’s establishment in the early hours of the morning.

Ashley Thomas had provided services to Wafou nightclub, which Olare believed to be of a poor standard, resulting in Olare withholding payment from Mr Thomas after his premises flooded.

Prosecutor Andrew Nicklin told the court that Olare had approached Thomas when his van stopped whilst Olare was walking on Dereham road.

A violent struggle ensued as Olare began “swinging punches at Mr Thomas, lunging at him and performed some sort of karate kick,” said Nicklin.

The ongoing struggle between the two saw them topple over into a front garden, in which Olare picked up a coping stone with which he used to strike Mr Thomas round the head, the force with which caused the stone to break into two. Thomas was left badly beaten and concussed. Olare allegedly threatened to kill Thomas, punching him and pulling at his hair, before police arrived to break up the violence.

Robert Barley, defending Olare, added that the altercation was “not an unprovoked attack” as this was not the first run-in between the two men Olare was given a 10 week sentence, suspended for 12 months, the court also ordered him to take 120 hours of unpaid work, pay £100 to Thomas in compensation and £200 in prosecution costs.