Most followers of modern indie disco would call themselves LCD Soundsystem fans. Personally, James Murphy could record ten fingernails dragging themselves down a glittery blackboard backwards with two tomcats battling to the death in the background and I would consider it auditory spun gold, so perhaps I’m not the most impartial reviewer. However, I do maintain that it’s a pedestal that they’ve certainly earned their place on. LCD Soundsystem’s much-anticipated return to music comes after their controversial reforming in 2016, allegedly from the sound advice of the late David Bowie.

Since its official release date on 1 September, media has exploded with accolades and praise for the band’s latest triumph. “American Dream” is at times sombre, and often desperately relatable. Take for example the lyrics “I ain’t seen anyone for days/I still have yet to leave the bed”. Many such lines are dropped between heavy drum beats, with synth rhythms woven through like silvery ribbon. These often bittersweet words begin to paint a picture of modern America, and, like the album’s namesake, the haunting concept of the ‘“American Dream” and its place in our current Western climate.


“American Dream’” is an album presented as a completely immersive experience, like a giant house, with every track transporting your dazzled mind to a different room. It seems reminiscent of Roger Waters’  “Amused to Death” album, or Arcade Fire’s “Reflektor”. Hopefully LCD will continue producing quality music for years to come – their release could not have come at a better time.