UEA Student’s Union is introducing a new ticketing system, which will no longer require students to present their IDs at the door of the LCR. From Friday 23rd June students at UEA will be granted entry into the LCR via their campus cards, which will hold their ticket information, and proof of age.

New scanning technology will allow security to ensure age verification from campus cards is of an appropriate standard and remove the need to check a further form of identification. The system will be introduced at Returners LCR (Friday 23rd). Union sources confirmed that it will be rolled out across the UEA estate for LCR Gigs and Waterfront events, in due course.

Union Activities and Opportunities Officer Joe Zilch commented on the changes, saying: “we’re pleased that following student feedback we’ve been able to introduce a new system for getting into the LCR.”

He claimed the new entry system would “reduce queue times,” in addition to eliminating “the need to carry around passports,” calling this “a real issue for international students.”

Zilch continued, confirming that: “any new system will involve teething problems.”

A senior union source also added that this will reduce the number of counterfeit campus cards currently in circulation.

Union Council passed Motion 1923 on Thursday 12th May 2016, calling on the Union to find a solution to the problems faced by international students regarding identification. The motion was proposed by Malaika Jaovisidha, then the chair of the International Students Assembly and now UEA SU International Students Officer.

Zilch also said that, the Union are “investing in troubleshooting staff and have backup plans in case anything goes wrong. Anyone wondering how to sell on or exchange tickets should drop us a line.”