Found my body washed upon the shore and panting
The love that my soul shared reminded me of swimming
And I remembered my child heart singing for the ocean.

A wreck upon the ocean floor I remember the water in my lungs.
Drowning and gasping breaths, I found that I could breathe again.
I would dive even deeper if I could remember how to swim;
To take the plunge and realise my reflection from above
Is the same as when I am below the waterline,
And staring right at you.

Transparency surrounds and it deludes the truth that it reveals.
Long for the orange Earth that has committed to a light far bigger than me and you.
Absorb the bright beams that will aid you and never be alone in an absolute dark.
If only I had kept my infant eyes,
But had revealed in a dream I dreamt that they were lost,
In a field of fake red roses.