The sixth series of Made in Chelsea has returned to our TV screens with new storylines, new dramas and new (some might say really quite attractive) cast members. Couples seem to be forming in front of our very eyes; of course with the usual drama and arguments arising between the ladies and gents of fair Chelsea at a pool party in the country; well, of course.


As usual, Lucy Watson has started off the season in style by being asked out by one of the new members, Miffy (unfortunately not the cute white animated rabbit we remember from childhood).

We’re left reeling by Andy and Louise’s falling out, though it does provide us with our weekly quota of tears, and a horrifically sad shot of the poor guy leaving her house, guitar and holdall in tow. Will they patch it up and be the perfect couple? Only the next few episodes will tell…
As for Spencer, do we really think his questionable psychotherapy session has helped him? An interesting addition to the show for this week, it certainly gave Twitter and the critics something to talk about. We’re given hints of the rag-tag man-about-town turning over a new leaf with the promise of a new girlfriend from across the pond.

Of course, the rest of the cast are up to their usual antics; a highlight included Francis asking Rosie out on a date. While naked in a swimming pool. Mmm.
The series has definitely made a splash on its return, with both newcomers and returners giving us much to love and look forward to.