The last year has seen some devastating television. There’s been the Glee memorial episode to Cory Monteith, the Red Wedding and not forgetting the death of Brian in Family Guy. Television has outdone itself when it comes to tugging on our heartstrings, and a recent brilliantly emotive episode of Eastenders demonstrates the power a well-written and outstanding portrayal can achieve.


Adam Woodyatt has played Ian Beale since the dawn of Eastenders, and let’s face; it he’s not been the most likeable character. Generally, he’s a whiny coward, and we secretly like it when Phil sucker-punches him. This week however, Woodyatt has outdone himself considerably, after the death of his onscreen daughter, Lucy Beale. If you’re unfamiliar with Eastenders, you’d be forgiven for not feeling too upset at the heartbroken reaction, especially after reading many tweets about his ‘ugly crying face’.

It was absolutely devastating, keeping in mind that a soap that’s on as regularly as Eastenders can’t be as polished as something like Game of Thrones. The moment that had the nation crying into their Kleenex had to be Ian telling his son that his twin sister had died, earning it’s place in the top TV moments of the year.

But the question remains, who killed Lucy? My favourite theory is that it was Melissa Suffield, who previously played Lucy. Angry after being fired, she pelted her over the head with a script, killing her instantly. Convincing, no?