With Halloween well in the past, it is time to ditch the dreary cobwebs and embrace some festive cheer. Gone are the days of hollowing out pumpkins; we are ready for Christmas jumpers.

The Christmas jumper, once an awkward itchy gift from Grandma and relegated to the back of our closet, is now the highlight of the festive season. Whether embroidered, glittering or displaying a Christmas themed pun, we can’t get enough. Honestly, the gaudier the better. You officially have permission to go to the the back of your drawer, where it has been lurking for the past year, take out and wear your christmas knit. The Christmas jumper is endearingly cheesy whilst being comfortable and hiding the fact that most of us have eaten enough mince pies to fill Santa’s sleigh. They also allow you to wear the same knitwear for all of December, not because you haven’t done your washing, but because it’s Christmas. Bring on family photos all in matching winter jumpers, this is the season for fun fashion.  Any age, any taste, there is a Christmas jumper for everyone. You just have to go out and find it. Go to any clothes shop and there will be racks and racks for you to choose from this winter. Do you want to look like an elf? Head over to Primark. Fancy some sequins? Pop into Topshop. We even have our own UEA Christmas jumper to prepare us for the festivities. It will get you in the spirit of the season and you can buy it from the SU shop when you go in to pick up bread and milk. That’s what student loans are for, right? You can treat yourself, it’s Christmas.

But the beloved Christmas jumper is not just for fun. They can help raise money for charity too. Save the Children hold an annual ‘Christmas Jumper Day’ on the 16th December. You can wear your favourite Christmas jumper and donate money to help vulnerable children who may be refugees, disabled, in minority groups or subjected to gender discrimination. Whether it’s £2 or more, donating helps raise money for a range of different causes. It goes towards ending preventable diseases such as malaria, allowing deprived children to access healthcare, education and aid those who are unable to access basic support. Who knew a Christmas jumper could do so much? When it comes to picking your jumper, the more ridiculous the better. Fashion goes out the window. If there is ever a time for glitter and flashing lights on clothing, it’s Christmas. It doesn’t matter what you look like if you’re doing it for a good cause. You’ll feel utterly festive and charitable too. After all, Christmas is the time for giving. So tell your family, your friends and if you can, donate.

The time of the Christmas jumper has well and truly begun. It doesn’t matter if you prefer an understated knit or a jumper with a 3D reindeer on the front, wear it with pride. All the fun of a Christmas jumper can also do some good, remember the 16th of December and donate to Save the Children. I hope you have a very woolly Christmas.