Best – Rome

Perhaps a variety of factors, such as the boiling hot weather, made this holiday so good. Or maybe it was just Italy’s captivating capital, but Rome was my best holiday. Seeing famous landmarks such as the Colosseum was fascinating, and Via Condotti catered to the shopaholic inside me. The Italian food is amazing, especially Baffetos: Rome’s best pizzeria. Only well-researched travellers know it, but go early to avoid queues and Baffetos will serve the best pizza you’ll ever have. I had the special, the one with egg and bacon on top.

First – Menorca

My family went to Menorca once and returned six times. It’s more low-key than neighbouring Majorca, putting the spotlight on relaxation with stunning beaches and beautiful taverns serving delicious tapas. My recommendation for food is the fishing town Fornells; the King of Spain regularly dines there! We mainly stayed in Son Parc, which has Menorca’s only golf course, its famous beach and a beautiful swimming pool. It’s a very social place; I even went donkey riding in the forest with a friend and her family one year!

Worst – Anglesey

Although peaceful and steeped in history, the island just off Wales lacked entertainment and I have memories of walking through forests, across fields, around lakes. Beautiful, but not very scintillating. Add the constant pouring rain and haunted Henlly’s Hall Hotel where we stayed, and it’s clear that this was not the ideal holiday for a child. Our bedroom had a locked door which apparently lead to a room that had been destroyed and was now just full of bats. Needless tosay, I didn’t get much sleep there.