It was announced on Monday 3 June that Jim Dickinson has been appointed as the new Chief Executive of the Union of UEA Student. Mr. Dickinson will be taking over Derek Bowden’s role, who recently resigned in February 2013.

joe levell
Finance officer, Joe Levell, announced the news on Monday.

Photo: Lara Ellice

Before being appointed as Chief Exec, Jim was the Director of Policy and Delivery at the National Union of Students for 15 years.

The interview process included 24 applicants being shortlisted to 7 candidates who undertook ability tests and held presentations.

Following the appointment of Jim Dickinson as Chief Executive of the Union of UEA Students, Concrete spoke to Joe Levell, Finance Officer, who announced the news. Levell said, ‘We wanted to tell everyone as much as we could about everything that’s happened, it was really good to get it out there and hopefully we can all look forward to September.’

Levell also applauded the reputation of Dickinson and explained that ‘The role of Chief Exec is to manage the staff and business side of the organisation and to support the democratic functions of and to ensure that everything is moving along positively. It’s the top of the staff structure. The Chief Exec works closely with the Officers; we have a management committee, which is the four full-time Officers and the Chief Exec, to support and advise.’

Jim Dickinson’s role as Chief Executive will commence in September 2013.