The superstore could potentially amalgamate the Union Food Outlet, Union Paper Shop, the Union Travel Shop and Union Post Office into a single store, partly to help combat the deficit, and also as part of a wider project aimed at reorganising the Street.

The first three retail outlets, when taken together, have steadily increased their turnover during the last three financial years (up from £377,236 in 2010 to £421,745 in 2011). Despite this, the possible creation of a superstore has been discussed with staff.

Matthew Myles, the Union’s Communications officer, on the commercial strategy of the Union, said: “We are working closely with the University to try to improve the Union for our members. But most importantly we are working with our members; we will continue to seek more feedback on all of our services over the coming years, following our most thorough market research to date this year.”

The creation of a superstore is part of a wider plan by the Union to combat the deficit. Voluntary redundancy has been offered to Union staff, with some former staff members already having been made redundant.