The SU Officer Elections are fast approaching as UEA prepares to enter a new semester, with a total of 20 positions available for the student body to run for.
The five full-time roles available to students promise a salary of around £19,000, with responsibilities including overseeing SU campaigns, ensuring that the SU is well resourced and accessible to the general population.

Elected representatives will sit on the university council and be held accountable in the manifesto promises and further policy decisions made by the council.

Part-time voluntary positions include representatives such as Women’s Officer, Ethnic Minorities Officer, International Students Officer (EU and non-EU), LGBT+ Officer and Disabilities Officer (physical and invisible respectively).

The delegates are expected to represent the union which the officer is affiliated with, campaigning for improvements to the way in which the university interacts with disadvantaged and minority groups. Other part-time positions include Ethical Issues Officer and Environmental Officer which help to lobby the university to consider ethical and environmental concerns.

Nominations close at 12:00 on the 5 March 2019, more information can be found on the SU Officer Election section of the UEASU website where you can stand for election and eventually vote.

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