The Norfolk junior team reached the finals of the South East Group Under-18 League. The team went to Hampshire for the finals where they were commended for their performance at the Hockley Golf Club.

This is the second consecutive year that the Norfolk team have qualified a match early for the finals.

The competition is a great place for the best young golfers to showcase their talents and the Norfolk team struggled to match the skills of the opposition. The Berkshire teams presented a strong line up to counter Norfolk’s efforts. However, this offered valuable experience for the team.

For many of the members the competition was their first experience of junior golf and all maintained a professional conduct.

In the competition, Buckinghamshire, Oxon and Surrey finished third, with all but two of the matches reaching the 18th.

The team will see a significant change, as from 2018 eight of its players will surpass the age limits of the under 18s. The players leaving who represented Norfolk include James Lambert, Finley Heywood, Josh Emery, Warren Bates, and Jack Cullington.

They have been thanked by the county officials for representing Norfolk juniors and wished luck in their future endeavors, sporting or otherwise.