A recent report by Censuswide places Norwich as the second safest city in England with 31 percent of people saying they feel “extremely safe” walking alone at night in the city.

The report was commissioned by Censuswide on behalf of the UK’s biggest bar and club operator, the Deltic Group. Approximately 2,500 British adults were asked for information on their late-night spending.

Chief Executive of the Deltic Group, Peter Marks said the study had been conducted to “educate people on the importance of the late night economy.”

Remarking on the national picture, he said, “Although the number of people who feel safe on a night out has risen, it is still concerning that 28 percent of those surveyed don’t feel safe when travelling by themselves on a night out. Of all UK cities, Norwich ranked fourth, beaten by Edinburgh and Glasgow. However, of English cities, only Plymouth residents said they felt more safe than those in Norwich.

The report concluded that one way to raise the proportion of people who feel safe on nights out would be to “attract a mixed age group into town centres at night, to promote natural guardianship of the public realm. Marks added: “young people are drinking less alcohol than the older generations, but they’re still going out just as much and enjoying themselves in a club, bar or pub.”

The study also found that the average amount Norwich residents pay for entry fees is £3.74. The only cheaper average spend is £3.34.


    • The article tells us which cities were considered safer. Norwich is in second place behind Plymouth, out of English cities. All UK cities, Norwich then comes fourth behind Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Plymouth.

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