From strangers in clubs to parents being given a tour of campus, it seems there is a universal idea that studying film is not worth anyone’s time. It’s 2012, why is there still a social stigma surrounding my choice of degree?

Film is inescapable. Even if you aren’t an avid film fan, there are still adverts and interviews surrounding us daily. Thus, surely studying this medium that is such an integral part of our day to day lives means I am going to reach a better understanding into why a talking picture has become so integral to modern culture. I chose film because I enjoy watching movies but also on the basis that a film degree is so much more than that. It allows me to go into depth as to why we watch what we do on a daily basis. As well as this, I’m intrigued as to the varying opinions that can come out of one single point of a movie. It is these opinions that form the basis of my degree, they are helping to expand my understanding of the industry and the films themselves.

Film has been studied since it began, yet as its popularity and influence augmented, scholars and the general public began increasingly to regard it as lowbrow. Almost as if studying something so culturally relevant isn’t worthwhile. If anything, studying film is going to teach me more about society than reading books written hundreds of years ago that weren’t relevant then, let alone now.

I enjoy my degree. I have never had a single moment of doubt or regret about opting to study film and not a subject that would have had me under a mountain of books that no one outside scholarly circles (myself included) has the remotest interest in. I will continue to love my degree and although I don’t know exactly where I want to take my film degree, but the possibilities it is showing continue to inspire me. To those who say I don’t do a ‘real’ degree, I say the following: I am the luckiest person because of how much I love what I do. I cannot wait to study further the endless prospects held within my degree. If you happen to be bored and unfulfilled by your life, there is no need to project that feeling onto others.