I’ve always found January a great month for art. Between many handy year recaps that help you narrow down the huge quantity of content that’s released each year, and speculation of the year to come, it can be quite an invigorating time as an art fan. It’s important for passionate art writers to be able to analyse past and coming trends and events.

Many of our sections take up this mantle; including Music, which looks forward and past on pages 16 & 17, Gaming and Television, which both feature handy rundowns of interesting new releases for 2018, Fashion, which takes a look at some of the trends of 2017 that we don’t want to look at on page 11, and the results of a poll for the best films of the past year in Film on page 10.

The excitement only gets better when, in the coming weeks and months, awards season starts for things like TV, art, writing and film. For art fans it can be a highly political time of fierce opinions and debate, which just helps us appreciate art more. Film, TV and Art all have discussions of the various upcoming festivals, and I know there will be many sleepless nights staying up to watch the ceremonies!