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An ode to the oversized jumper

Is there anything better than an oversized jumper in January? I don’t think so. Every time I see someone wearing a slightly baggy, slightly ugly, slightly threadbare jumper, I am consumed by style envy.

Oversized jumpers are comfortable, effortlessly chic, and easy to wear. Think Ariana Grande performing at the 2017 Manchester One Love concert in her big white sweatshirt and blue ripped jeans, looking both understated and classy. Or Selena Gomez rocking an oversized grandad jumper with sexy and sophisticated knee-high boots whilst out shopping. Or, a much more likely scenario, a fashion-and-comfort-conscious student sporting a snuggly sweater teamed with leggings, bleary eyes and a messy bun at eleven pm in the library whilst finishing up with those pesky January deadlines. The oversized jumper will give you a stylish edge no matter what the situation. It is, after all, nothing if not versatile.

So, assuming you are sold on the oversized jumper (and you absolutely should be) where can you get your hands on one? Firstly, charity shops. They are often overflowing with old jumpers of all shapes and sizes, and don’t come with the “vintage” price tag. Secondly, raid your dad (or grandad’s, or step-dad’s, or brothers) wardrobe. I have a friend with a great collection of oversized jumpers, courtesy of her step-dad’s closet. Stylish, and completely free!

It’s official: this January, the oversized jumper is my style must-have.


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