I am lost
Out at sea,
The force of your tyrannical waves
Cold, callous, and without mercy.

The splinters of this shipwreck,
That forms the fragments of my heart,
Are splayed out in these treacherous waters,
A puzzle that not even Aphrodite would know where to start.

Around and around
In this endless cyclone,
A closed circuit of repetitions;
Desolate, forlorn, and unshakeably alone.

You found me washed up upon your shore,
Alas You could not prise me away,
From that solitary plank of wood of which I clung to,
In vain hope that it would mould to my body;
Keeping my turmoil at bay.

But much akin to the sensation,
Of Sunlight breaking through the murky veil
Of the heavens and leaving that warm tingle upon your skin,
I learned that You, like Me, had been stranded, broken,
Our wreck and ruin became our means to begin.

I am lost
Out at sea,
But the tide have changed; Fate’s cards have been rearranged,
As it is now Your eyes that I would gladly drown in,
For the rest of eternity.