Binded by me blinded I fell behind did I, dead eye.
Dead eye disclosed this exposed globe close to closed, I sigh.
On my watch the world watches whirled wishwashes, I wish.
Wishing days stopped to stop daze and glaze my eyes glazed, it’s pish.
I count as a cunt, can’t canter, see I see my stupid stupor, my eyes sear.
Sear the lively life I’ve loved and lived here, Hear, Hear! At least I can hear.


Deafened I defend dead-ends of death, detest this test I attest.
Movies move me move out of mouths licks lips and lapse, into unrest.
Silence in islands of white wight noise annoys quite quiet I riot, and rot.
Rot away and weighed down way down in doubt for grotty ears I forgot.
Muffled my muscles ache and ate til gone, the shrill gong is knotted not for me.
For me it wavers like waves that weave I bereave in the sea; at least I can see.