A portion of Chancellor’s Drive was closed this afternoon as a precautionary measure after a package was discovered to be “leaking chemicals”.

At 1:50pm, the university evacuated students and staff from the Elizabeth Fry building.

The package has since been deemed as “no threat to safety”.

In an online announcement, the university said: “The safety of our staff, students and visitors is a matter of priority at this time.”

The university hosted an applicant day today, Wednesday 7 February, for potential students. 

The road was closed off for a total of 28 minutes.

At 2:08pm the university said: “The incident has now been resolved and the package posed no threat to safety.”

This announcement came after the Norfolk Fire Service arrived to inspect the package.

A second year Culture, Literature, and Politics student Jack Ashton saw the incident.

He said: “Everyone seemed to be handling the incident very maturely, and the emergency services acted very promptly. Credit to them.”

Chancellor’s Drive has since re-opened and people have now returned to the Elizabeth Fry building.

Concrete contacted the Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service for further comment.