Planets discovered like Earth

Recent searches for a far-off twin of Earth has turned up two of the most suitable candidates yet.

Project to improve Europe drinking water

The University of East Anglia are to launch a £7.6m research project to improve the safety of European drinking water.

The pride of the lions could be at stake

Lion are disappearing fast, soon to be resigned to zoology textbooks.

Could we explain The Hobbit?

Perhaps there could be some truth behind the books of J.R.R Tolkein, as a diminutive species of human have been found whose bodies could have shrunk as a result of island dwarfism.

Adam Scott wins maiden major

Callum Hansey reports on Adam Scott's victory at The Masters.

Thatcher may be dead, but Thatcherism lives on

Tim Rose argues that Margaret Thatcher showed just what can be achieved with decisive policy and determined leadership.