A quintessentially ecological day

This April, many throughout Norfolk will be travelling to attend the North Norfolk Coast Earth Day, writes Helen Martin. It is a free event which takes place at Deepdale farm, well-known for providing a hostel where backpackers can enjoy a quintessentially ecological stay.

Dispelling Japanese stereotypes

Japan’s culture is rich and often welcomed by people from around the world. Unfortunately, it is the fascination people have with the nation that gives rise to stereotypes surrounding the Japanese, writes Rachael Lum.

User-charges: equitable privatisation or unethical costs?

With the financial state of Britain still hanging by a thread above the pit of recession, Joshua Resoun argues that all options must be taken into account to secure Britain's public services.

Review: Richard Alston Dance Company

Richard Alston is clearly a master in contemporary dance. The Richard Alston Dance Company graced Norwich for only two nights, but certainly made a...

Has the music industry already forgiven Chris Brown?

In an awards ceremony still reeling from the death of Whitney Houston, Chris Brown mimed his way through two performances and then stood up to receive the most prestigious award in the music industry: a Grammy.

“Not a real degree”?

The phrase “but that’s not a real degree” is one I’ve become all too familiar with as I’ve progessed through my Film and English course at UEA.