Café Conversation Review – Telling it Well? Mourning Autobiographies

The ninth instalment of the CUE East and UEA Literature, Culture and Language series, this session’s speaker was Dr Rachael McLellan. Lecturer in American...

The Art of Student Cinema: Paul Allen Interview

Paul Allen talks "student cinema" and the making and touring of his independent film, Big Font. Large Spacing.

Preview: Iron Man 3

With a fanbase that has more than doubled in the past year, will Iron Man 3 be able to continue the Marvel glory?

Justin Timberlake – The 20/20 Experience – review

Despite long tracks and predictable lyrics, Timberlake has created an album likely to send its listeners into a frenzy of nostalgia.

Bill Bryson: traveller extraordinaire

Reflecting on the lessons learnt from her favourite travel writer, Kirsten Powley asks: what would Bill Bryson Do?

The great unpaid internship debate

43% of internships are unpaid, and potentially illegal. Is the risk really worth it?