On DVD: Wild Bill

Touching and full of heart, Wild Bill is a new and different kind of British gangster film.

Pimp My Barrow 2012 raises nearly £9,000

Pimp My Barrow has had another successful year with the event raising a total of £8,783.43 for charity.

Review: Cosmopolis

A film of the 21st century, admirably contrasting the world’s 1 and 99%.

Review: Chernobyl Diaries

High quality techniques and enjoyable to watch, but predictable nonetheless.

Confusion over results leaves students frustrated

Updated 4 July with statement from Learning and Teaching Services.

Miscommunication over exam results has led to confusion and frustration with the University.

Review: Ghosts From Childhood

A talented cast delivers faultless material in My Little Eye’s production Ghosts From Childhood.