Live: The Broken Seas + Faster Than Robots, Of Diamonds and...

Jack a night of rock and electro from The Reasons Why and guests at the Waterfront.

Review: Trials – Evolution

It isn’t just your local council that has imposed drought restrictions this summer. The games industry is set to renew its annual release slump over the coming months, leaving us to either delve into the cupboard of goodies that is XBox Live Arcade/PSN/Steam, go back to last year’s titles that we missed, or revise.

Five tips for FIFA success

Having spent the Easter holidays working very hard playing FIFA, it left me with a puzzling question, how do you win while playing this most addictive of games? It therefore seemed sensible to present five top tips on how you could improve your FIFA win percentage.

Chancellor Sir Brandon Gough dies

The Chancellor of the University passed away last Thursday (April 26). Sir Brandon Gough, who had served as Chancellor since October 2003, died unexpectedly at the age of 74.

Rugby president: the truth about the ban

Men's Rugby president Andy Driver gives his version of events on the Union's ban of the club.

Union Council votes to keep Men’s Rugby banned

Editor-in-chief Chris King reports on Monday's (23 April) emergency session of Union Council, where the appeal from UEA Men's Rugby was heard.