A home away from home

International writer Isabelle Carty looks at why people emigrate, and how this enriches communities and integration across the world.

Review: Ester by Trailer Trash Tracys

George Hamilton-Jones reviews Esther by Trailer Trash Tracys, who are currently supporting the Vaccines on tour.

Student Library fines nearly top £100,000

News editor James Dixon reveals that UEA students contributed significantly to Library funds last year - in the form of fines for books returned late.

Three Hindu chaplains appointed

Three new chaplains for the Hindu community at UEA have been announced, a year on from the controversial Concrete headline: "Is the Chaplaincy failing Hindus?"

Not for the First time, we aren’t happy

Richard Joslin reports on the changes made by First to the 21/22 bus service, which will no longer be stopping on campus.

A leak detected: the great brain drain

Rachael Lum looks at the flow of highly-qualified citizens from Africa and the Far East to the western world.