I am useless at shopping. I splurge on pieces I rarely wear, and scrimp on the things I wear every day. My wardrobe is a treasure trove of dusty, expensive “occasion” dresses, whilst my eight-pound H&M shoes quickly buckle under the strain of being worn every day and have to be replaced. Not very environmentally friendly.

Enter, Pinterest. For those of you who don’t know, Pinterest is a website and app that lets you “collect” images that fit a certain theme. To give you a better idea, my Pinterest boards include “to-read list”, “future home”, “inspirational people”, and most importantly, style.

Whenever I have a free moment, I can spend my time window shopping through Pinterest photos, creating my fantasy wardrobe.

Collecting so many pictures and searching for common themes help to spell out your likes and dislikes. And when you know you style, you shop smarter. Outfits featuring denim skirts frequenting your Pinterest board? Probably time to purchase your own. Leopard prints keep cropping up? Don’t be afraid to buy a leopard print dress next time you see one.

I doubt I will ever rid my wardrobe completely of dusty occasion dresses. But with Pinterest helping to define my style, I am a little closer to becoming a truly savvy shopper.