7 March marked ‘Plant Power Day’: an event dedicated to the celebration of eating fruits and vegetables, endorsed by plantbased superpower, Alpro. The idea is to promote vegetarian diets by encouraging people to share photos of their meat-free meals on social media. And you may say people hardly need another excuse to post photos of their food on the gram, but I think this is exactly the kind of positive exposure vegetarianism needs.

When you search #plantbased on Instagram, the feed is full of beautifully crafted Buddha bowls and complex courgetti salads, made by people whose personal brand is dependent on a semi-self-righteous hippie vegan aesthetic. But now, finally, we have a day where normal people can share their normal veggie meals. If people see what vegetarians realistically eat on a day to day basis – jacket potatoes and beans, pasta and tomato sauce, peanut butter and porridge – the whole movement becomes much less intimidating.

It’s unrealistic for every meal to be #foodporn. Since the spread of information on the terrible conditions in factory farms and the devastating effects industrialised farming has on the environment, it’s become common knowledge that the world eventually needs to give up meat, dairy and eggs.

So, this Plant Power Day, let’s be inspired to at least cut back. It takes no time to replace the mince in a spag bol with lentils, or to put almond milk in your tea instead of dairy. It’s so simple to make these changes, but the effects are huge.