A man walked into a stranger’s house hunting for virtual monsters whilst playing Pokemon Go, Norfolk Constabulary have revealed.

The unnamed man entered the Norwich property whilst playing the game over the summer, and when questioned by police officers told them that he did so because he was using the augmented-reality app.

This incident was among 19 Pokemon Go – related reports made to the Norfolk police force during July and August.

These included assaults, thefts, driving offences as well as noise nuisance complaints from across the county area. Complaints were made in King’s Lynn, Norwich, Thetford, Gorleston and Hoveton.

These figures were released to the BBC in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act, and included information on the more than 290 incidents concerning the game recorded by police forces in England and Wales over the summer months.

The news from Norfolk follows the charging of two suspects in relation to an apparent Pokemon Go murder in Kent last week. 20-year-old Carl Gregory was found fatally injured in a Thanet car park on 4th October. Gregory died in the arms of his girlfriend, Chloe Lemare. According to The Telegraph, the pair were in the area hunting Pokemon when the attack occurred.

Responding to the information Supt Dave Buckley of Norfolk Constabulary said: “If any offences are committed whilst playing the game, they will be investigated fully and offenders will be dealt with appropriately”. Since its release in July, Pokemon Go has been installed over  100 million times, making it one of the most popular apps ever created.