A collection of drawings by Sir Alfred Munnings have been discovered in the archives of the Norwich University of Arts. The drawings, from the 1890s, are some of the earliest known examples of the artist’s work – heralding from his days as a student at NUA.

Munnings was most renowned for his equine paintings, and was elected the President of the Royal Academy of Art in 1944. These newly discovered pictures provide a keen insight into the artist’s developing skill in his profession.

Amongst the pictures, there are a set of drawings of horse and cattle which are suggestive of the artist’s already developing interest in his most famous subjects.

An exhibition will be held at the East Gallery from February 7 to 17 to display this newly-discovered work. The exhibition will run as part of a fundraising effort to help preserve the artwork. A total of £30,000 is needed to help with this effort, with each of the drawings needing their acidic mount removed, to be cleaned and subsequently reframed.

These efforts will ensure that the artwork is preserved, and Munnings legacy will continue into future generations.