Marmozets – ‘Knowing What You Know Now’

It had been a long time since we heard from Marmozets, but since they dropped the single Play last year, it feels as if they have never been gone. The follow up to The Weird and Wonderful Marmozets is set to be a riotous punk rock belter, hyped up by Jack Bottomley when we spoke to him in October as a collection of massive, monster tracks. Get ready for riffs, Becca MacIntyre’s snarling vocals and a pace so breakneck that you sweat just listening to it.

Tiny Moving Parts – ‘Swell’

Tiny Moving Parts have polished themselves significantly in recent years, taking the math-rock guitar of their early work and smoothing it out, whilst utilising frontman Dylan Mattheisen’s vocals more than they did on 2013’s This Couch Is Long and Full of Friendship and 2014s Pleasant Living. Swell has seen three excellent lead singles that are unquestionably Tiny Moving Parts without being the same as previous releases. Expect bittersweet, wholesome indie-rock, break out the cheap bourbon, and put this on repeat with every hipster cliché you can find surrounding you.

The Dangerous Summer – ‘The Dangerous Summer’

The reunited California-by-way-of-Baltimore emo-rockers drop their first new album in five years this month. From a solid clutch of singles, including “Valium”, quite possibly the band’s best song since their debut album, hype for the cult band’s comeback is peaking. In the four years since their unceremonious, and very public, collapse, the band attained a near-mythical status in some circles. They were the band that could have been great if it wasn’t for internal strife. Free of the personal conflicts, it’s now time to see if The Dangerous Summer can live up to that hype. If AJ Perdomo’s powerful voice and heartfelt lyrics remain as immediate now as always, it’s a safe bet that they will.