Decades after the Third World War ended in 2606, countries that swore bloodshed against each other banded together to fight against a greater force—the Hybridas. Hybridan for males, and Hybriden for females—were enhanced beings that possessed human features with the exception of reptilian scales scattered around their bodies. The whole world was buzzing with the emergence of these newcomers. Every scientist couldn’t deny that were plagued with hundreds of questions, specifically:

What do they want with us?

As much as they tried, no one could uncover the reason for the arrival of the Hybridas. However, not all questions remained unanswered. Not long after the arrival of the Hybridas, a colossal island emerged from the Atlantic Ocean. Nobody realized what was happening, until one day, it was there. Even the greatest minds—human or robot—were disturbed by what had happened. The island was abode to the Hybridas. Some believed the island to be the lost city of the cold ocean, Atlantis.

Theories suggested that the Hybridas had been waiting in the deep ocean for years, biding their time. All the time under the sea had caused mutations. Some referred to the Hybridas as the mermaids sailors saw during their voyages. Others believed that they had crashed down from space many years ago. This idea was often ignored as there had to be some proof of a spaceship remains. The Archive had no such evidence, hence it not being possible.

The Archive was the library of the Internet where all information was stored. It had different levels according to importance and confidentiality. Anybody could enter the first five levels, but one had to be of high status to gain access to the upper levels of the Archive. With no information on Atlantis or Hybridas, the public had been banned from nearing the island but one night, two eager journalists had resorted to primitive technology to remain unseen. Using a small wooden rowboat, they were undetected by the tech-scanners placed along the coastline. It was unknown what had happened but there was a huge commotion the next day. The two journalists were reported dead and their identities could only be confirmed by DNA recognition. This pushed negotiation out of the picture.

The next time humanity saw the Hybridas, there were more than four and it occurred all over the world. With anything at hand, the U.M tried to fight back but ultimately, it was a lost cause. Scientists believed that nuclear weapons wouldn’t affect the Hybridas as they were already mutants of some kind. Not even the strongest of forcefields could withstand the power of a single Hybrida. As a last resort, soldiers were given the order to buy time for humanity to reach the underground safe houses.

No one made it.

When asked by a human why they were doing this, Shurala the Supreme only stared back with cold eyes and answered, “Revenge,” before bisecting him with a swift swing of her blade. Erlik the Reaper stood not so far away and watched his comrade with eyes void of kindness, only malevolence was present.  It didn’t take a genius to figure out what the hybridas wanted, the reason for their arrival. It took less than forty-eight hours for humanity to be exterminated. The world was now for Hybridas, and only them.

Standing victorious on Atlantis, four figures stood on a platform, addressing their kinsman. Shurala the Supreme spoke, “My comrades, we have succeeded in wiping out the humans.” The crowd roared and hands were raised in triumph, the suns rays glinting off their scales. “Humans once destroyed us, and now we have destroyed them. Our city was lost along with its inhabitants. Our ancestors started from scratch, and today, we used superior technology to eradicate humanity.”

Raising her hand, their leader held one of her silver scales between two pale fingers. “These scales have allowed us to receive the finest genes, far more exceptional than any human’s.” Brandishing her weapon, the Supreme smiled with absolute malice. ‘We have been empowered, and it’s all thanks to the ancients who banished us from the surface!’ The Hybridas screamed out their approval, applauding for their rulers.

Karya the Creator stood beside the Supreme, her expression finally matching her guileful eyes. Next to the Creator stood Yuxa the Shifter, silent as usual. His reptilian eyes could barley be seen underneath his copper hair. A small smirk graced the Hybridan’s face as he stood with his hand entwined with the Creator’s. Erlik the Reaper stood on the other side of the Supreme, his eyes not showing any emotion. His stood rigid, his eyes pierced the air as if he were looking at a battlefield instead of the city where his kin resided.

“Victory is ours.”

“Yes, it is.”

“After so long. I’ve waited for this day for centuries. After being exiled by the ancient humans, this is all I ever wanted.”

“Now we have it.”

“I don’t want to regret it.”

“You are the Supreme, you don’t make mistakes.”

“Humans made mistakes all the time.”

“Hybridas are not humans.”

“But we once were.”