One man has successfully managed to dominate Italian politics for almost three decades. Despite a myraid of scandals and court cases, Silvio Berlusconi has towered above all others. The three time Prime Minister and founder of the right-wing, pro-business Forza Italy party has returned to politics in 2018 to further confuse an already messy election. Like many high-powered men in politics before him, Berlusconi has seen his impact limited by a tendency to become involved in sex scandals, including the notorious ‘bunga bunga’ parties hosted at his private residence.

More damaging, however, have been the convictions for fraud and solicitation of an underage sex worker, leading to him being banned from elected office until 2019. However, he remains a powerful voice on the fractured right in Italy, and, though he will not be the next Prime Minister, Berlusconi is going nowhere.