Matthew Bourne’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’ is a genius and creative reimagining of a much-loved story. The storytelling is simply fantastic, and the dances and choreography could not be more perfect. 

Straying slightly from a typical Romeo and Juliet plot, Bourne sets this story in ‘Verona Institute’ a psychiatric hospital where Juliet (Cordelia Braithwaite) is imprisoned. Juliet shows her struggles both mentally and physically through intense duets with Tybalt (Dan Wright) where she attempts to resist his control.

There are some fantastic group dances, before Romeo’s parents (Matt Petty and Daisy May Kemp) drop him off at the institute. The show continues to perfectly encapsulate Romeo and Juliet’s love story, but with some exciting and unique changes. 

The show is a really modern adaption, and it makes Romeo and Juliet feel brand new.  The additions of Mercuito’s boyfriend (Jackson Fisch) and an alternate gendered reverend (Daisy May Kemp) ensure the show feels relevant to contemporary society. Mercutio (Danny Collins) lit the stage alight with a comedic and powerful performance, while the rest of the company and Norwich cast delivered spectacular performances. The music was gorgeous at the romantic scenes and dramatic at the tenser and more tragic dances. Though the costumes were quite simple, with most of the cast dressed in white clothes, they perfectly represented the characters young innocence and desire for freedom.

The show was sensual, passionate and romantic. Matthew Bourne’s production is simply a must-see.