When Rihanna says something’s good, it’s good. We trust her with our Saturday night playlist and now she offers more than music. With Fenty Beauty, Rihanna fixed the beauty industry – seemingly overnight. Releasing 40 different shades of face makeup, Rihanna gave consumers what we wanted and reminded big brands that exclusion is no longer acceptable and so not cute. It’s about time.

Its ethos is simple; Fenty offers something for everyone. After developing the brand for two years, and teasing anxiously awaiting fans, Rihanna made the world a fairer place by starting with our faces. Most brands seem to think a 10 shade range is fair, and by 10 shades that means mostly pale and pink toned. However, Rihanna did what smart business people do; saw a gap in the market. When consumers are demanding more and more from their brands she chose to address what the people want by widening options and representation. She simply recognised there was a problem and dealt with it, unlike other brands who bury their heads in their restricted selection of nude lipsticks.

Something else Ri Ri knows about is quality. With the rise of instafame, anyone who’s anyone can bring out a beauty line. It seems all you need is 15 minutes on reality tv and you can release a collection of matte lipsticks that look exactly the same to make a tidy profit. It has made marketing easy too. Brand ambassadors simply have to stare vacantly into a camera and add hashtag ad to get those wannabe Kylie lip kits flying off the shelves. If they struggle for a caption “guys I just can’t get enough of my new line” and the heart eyes emoji works just fine. But if we look to Fenty Beauty there is none of that.

Instead of pouting pics Rihanna’s ads champion diversity. Look to models such as Halima Aden, who became famous after competing in a beauty pageant wearing a burkini. She proudly graces our screens for Fenty Beauty and sides with what the brand stands for. The ads have a fresh and simplistic feel while subtly finger pointing to other brands that their far less inclusive lines should be things of the past.

Rihanna does trendy well and Fenty Beauty is no exception. Though the line also has integrity, quality and makes equality look cool. Hopefully, her brand will lead the way for others to widen their ranges and representation. If they don’t, they should wave their sales goodbye because Rihanna has claimed her place in beauty and doesn’t look ready to budge.