I was one of the few women on November 27 who did not feel cheated. There had been months of speculation but now it was official. Harry and Megan were engaged. I received messages from friends and family members throughout the day, all along the lines of “oh it should have been me.” “I missed my chance at being a princess.” And most often, “does this mean we get a bank holiday?”

After furiously Googling our fate, a Guardian news bulletin set it in stone. No bank holiday. No day off. No royal wedding excuse to sit at home, maybe watch 10 minutes of the matrimony and then eat copious amounts of cake. However, it might be for the best. I’m not sure how a student bank holiday works. Would the library still be open?

Nevertheless, news of royal nuptials truly has lightened the summative load. Why worry about deadlines when I can day dream about their colour scheme and the number of bridesmaids. I wonder what the Queen will wear?

While we wait until May to find out, Concrete has some more season appropriate content for you. Head over to Features for Saoirse Smith-Hogan’s ‘Roast with the most’ on page 3, in which she talks the pros and cons of a student cooked Christmas. I am lucky enough to have a housemate whose food is better than most restaurants, but if I had to cook it would be a very different story. For those of you yet to buy Christmas gifts in fear of upsetting your overdraft, take a look at page 15. In Finance, Tom Bedford gives us ‘A Scrooge’s guide to Christmas’ where he suggests the best gifts are the thoughtful ones. Which conveniently appear to be the cheapest.

With royal weddings, my final deadlines, and Christmas ahead, I am excited for 2017 to end and 2018 to begin. I hope you enjoy our last issue of the year and you get something out of it. Even if it is using the issue as wrapping paper.