A UEA student is campaigning to be elected for a seat on the Labour Party’s internal National Executive Committee.

Eda Cazimoglu, a second-year student, is running to be the Labour Youth Representative on the governing body against Momentum backed candidate, Lara McNeill, who is the current Vice Chair of Labour Students.

The winner will take one of the 39 seats on the NEC, the body responsible for various internal changes within the party, including membership rates and voting in leadership elections.

However, the vote has been met with controversy following changes to the way the position is elected. As of last year, the position is half elected by party members, half by unions and people affiliated to the party, effectively removing the power of Labour students who tend to favour more moderate candidates.

Eda is running on a manifesto promising to lobby for more funding for the youth movement, the introduction of youth officer training in each region and to set up a mentoring scheme for young people, among other things.

However, so far, Eda has fallen behind in union support, with her opponent claiming the endorsements from most major unions, including UNITE, UNISON, ASLEF and GMB.

Eda told Concrete: “Imagine what we could do if we built a movement that was anti-fascist to its core, liberated and truly democratic… That’s the movement I will build.”

She promised to champion Labour’s young members, “raising up your voices so Labour reflects the vision we hold for the future of our country.

“That includes passionately pushing for us to be anti-hard Brexit, pro-freedom of movement and pro-remaining in the single market.”

Voting, available to Labour youth members, closes 16 March.