We asked you for your favourite food combinations that shouldn’t work, but do. Funny, yummy or just downright weird, you came up with some questionable and yet delicious suggestions!

  1. “My mum regularly eats marmite and peanut butter sandwiches, much to my disgust!” – Hattie Griffiths
  2. “I dip McDonald’s fries into chocolate milkshake. I promise it’s actually delicious.” – Jessica Frank-Keyes
  3. “My friends and I used to dip crisps (salted or paprika) in chocolate… not as bad as you might think!” – Denise Koblenz
  4. “Chocolate buttons and ready salted crisps – so good! #DontJudge” – Johnnie Wright 
  5. “Tia Maria and orange juice. It tastes like Terry’s Chocolate Orange!” – Daniel Salliss
  6. “My housemate and a friend (both from Norfolk coincidentally) crush some Walkers crisps to put on their pasta bake – then sprinkle the cheese on top. Supposedly it tastes great, personally I won’t be trying it!” – Marty Ruczynska