LinkedIn is a good way to get connected to potential employers and itís become a bit of a networking tool. However, knowing what to put on, who to add and how to establish yourself on LinkedIn can be tricky.


A little bit like a CV, it’s good to include what experience, education, skills and expertise you have. This can be more general if you aren’t quite sure what you want to do or you can target what you write to a particular field. Adding a picture alongside basic contact information is also key.

Adding a headline at the top of your profile is a good way to let people who don’t have you as a friend to have a bit more information besides your name and photo. A profile summary will also give people a chance to know a bit more about you!

This headline could simply be what current position you may hold, or your main passion. Keep it punchy so it’s easier for people to remember.

Keep it truthful

It’s easy to play with the truth with things like this, but make sure everything you include is honest. If you’re going for an interview with people who have checked out your profile before they meet you and they ask you about something that you never did, it’s not the easiest to get out of. Appearing untrustworthy is never a positive trait to a company.

Customise your profile URL

Your default URL will contain random letters and numbers which you can personalise. To do this, go to settings>>edit public profile>> customise your public profile URL. You can pick the name you will use to display on the URL.

Photo: Flickr - Sheila Scarborough
Photo: Flickr – Sheila Scarborough

Get the right picture

Having an appropriate picture is important on LinkedIn. It’s not like Facebook where you have all your drunken photos or your latest Instagram style photo. LinkedIn should be a professional thing so make sure your picture clearly shows who you are and that you’re dressed appropriately (a bit like you would want to be viewed in an interview).

Be part of LinkedIn groups 

A bit like a professional version of Facebook groups, this allows you to connect with companies and experts in the industry/area you’re looking at. By connecting with these people, you never know where it might take you or whether it may land you the job that you want.

Use LinkedIn applications

Whatever you might be interested in, you can add applications to enhance your profile. For example, if you’re a blogger you can add the WordPress app so that you can sync blog posts that you’ve done on your profile!