There are many things I have disdain for. It’s often justified, if only to me, and once decided is as definite as UEA’s superiority over Essex. But following Concrete’s trip to Nottingham for the regional student journalism awards, I have had a change in opinion that I want in writing. I now like trams.

I thought they were outdated and redundant. But it turns out they are cleaner, more punctual and all round better than buses. My eyes are open and I’m never going back to my pre-tram ways.

Features also focus on eye opening topics this issue, with Chloe Howcroft examining the fashion industry’s treatment of workers on page 11. Her views on high street bargains will make me consider my next trip to the shops.

Nottingham was an opportunity to escape the UEA bubble and meet student journalists. It was encouraging to speak to other students who also spend more time in the office than their bedrooms and have them admire your layout while asking about the print run. It also helped that Concrete did well at the awards, with Editor-in-Chief Emily Hawkins winning Best Impact and Best Student Journalist.

But if you’re happy residing well within our concrete campus, take at look at page 17, where we debate the UEA topic on everyone’s lips; Concrete Confessions and it’s very own love story gone wrong. In Comment we are talking about Tall History Boy and Short Literature Girl. Our very own Romeo and Juliet. Sort of.

Was it love? Should we mourn the loss? Did History Boy make a grave mistake? These are questions intended for minds greater than mine.

All I know right now, with absolute clarity and all the wisdom I can share, is that trams are a joy and I’d recommend them over the bus any day.