Many people think that to step out of your comfort zone, venture, explore and discover you have to take a plane and travel as far as you can to Australia, America or Asia. But sometimes we tend to underestimate the potential and the true beauty of the country and city we live in.


Wherever you are from, try and take some time this summer or whenever you have some spare moments to travel, to go around and explore the country you live in. Talk to people, go to that café or restaurant you have always wanted to go but never went, take a cheap bus to the closest town and be a tourist in your own country!

Money is an important factor for many students, and there’s a growing trend of people going on to so-called “staycations” in order to cut back on costs. Staying in your own city or country you might even be able to find some good deals for on websites such as Groupon or Tickles (a local daily deals site) so grab a friend and live in your country as a tourist would do: with excitement and with a sense of adventure that will push you to discover something new, every single day.

You will be surprised to see how much there is to do and find out two or three hours away from home.

We asked our editors for their favourite local destinations. Here’s what they had to say.


Southwold in Suffolk is a quintisentially British seaside town with vibrantly painted beach huts and quirky little tearooms. Southwold’s pier is the best place in the town to sit with some fish and chips and just watch the world go by.

Polly Grice, Travel editor


Unlike most towns on the North Norfolk coast, Brancaster isn’t packed full of kitsch gift shops, flocked with seagulls or full of narrow nautical shops that overflow with buckets and spades. It’s a sprawling sandy beach connected only to the Norfolk countryside and its own carpark. The rolling scenery means you’ll probably need a car or a bike. So, while you’re there, visit the Jolly Sailor for some good grub.

Ciara Jack, Comment editor


An unspoiled seaside resort on the Norfolk coast, Cromer is a must-see for every UEA student looking for a day by the beach. Just 40 minutes away on the train from Norwich,the town is an alternative destination for those who want to enjoy the sand between their toes and has numerous ways to enjoy a day on a student budget.

Chris Teale, Managing editor