Time to cook up a conclusion. Are students diets truly as bad as a not-so-fantastic Mr. Fox?

When you first start university your brain can go one of two ways. The first: “4am Domino’s!” The second, the ambition to be the next super chef.

They make it look so easy, but unfortunately even if you whack on Jamie’s cheeky grin and wink directly into your imaginary camera like Nigella, with university accommodation kitchens, your food will more than likely look like it’s gone three rounds with Ramsay. Shouting at it won’t help either.

But don’t worry, you and the microwave will spark up a quick and easy affair. It doesn’t tell when you come in drunk at 2am and pop in a cheeky lasagne to console yourself.

The problem is, your diet doesn’t just come down to your culinary skills. There are three main ingredients:


It seems outrageous to spend £30 on a big shop in ASDA, but you will happily spend a fiver in The Campus Kitchen.

Vegetables are bloody expensive, and although you may think eating an apple a day will balance things out, unfortunately cheese isn’t one.


If you end up joining every single society under the sun whilst going out and doing all of your reading, it’s likely you’ll end up reading Shakespeare whilst playing ring of fire dressed in a toga and dicing up carrots with bits of your confused, lost soul.


It’s just so much easier to order a Chinese than wait while your beef stew cooks. But in reality, your diet will effect your study. It’s best to try and eat three meals a day and drink eight glasses of water.

If you budget and attempt to give yourself some time, perhaps with your house mates, you should be able to cook some tasty dishes. Soup is a cheap and healthy option and always try the reduced section in supermarkets to save a bit extra. Oh, and remember, everyone knows that cheesy chips don’t come out of your food budget. Really, they don’t.

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