UEASU has announced the winners of this year’s SU Officer elections.

Three candidates were re-elected, including Sophie Atherton as Campaigns and Democracy Officer, Postgraduate Education Officer Martin Marko, and Mature Students’ Officer Sanna Mantyniemi.

The position of Activities & Opportunities Officer was won by Alicia Perez Lopez. Callum Perry was announced as Undergraduate Education Officer, Amelia Trew as Welfare, Community and Diversity Officer and Afia Khan is Ethnic Minorities Students’ Officer.

The Environment Officer was announced as Eva Korczynskik, International Students’ Officer (EU place) as Daniela Stoyanova, and International Students’ Officer (Non-EU place) as Syed Saad.

The elected Non-Portfolio Officers are, Anisha Jackson, Rob Klim, Tyler Bell.

The Students with Disabilities Officer (invisible disabilities place) is Emma Moxon and the Womens+ Officer is Juliet Brown.

By-elections for Ethical Issues Officer, LGBT+ Officer (Open Place), LGBT+ Officer (trans & non-binary place), Non-Portfolio Officer, and Students with Disabilities Officer (physical disabilities place) will occur in the following weeks.

Michael Wigg, SU Returning Officer, gave the following statement: ‘The SU elections were run in difficult circumstances this year with campus reflecting rather than looking at what candidates would be doing in the future. I would suggest that now more than ever UEA needs the togetherness that Students’ Unions offer and so thank you to everyone who got involved in the elections. Thank you to the candidates who ran excellent campaigns; it was truly a pleasure to act as the Returning Officer on this election.’

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