Students studying at UEA INTO climbed the height of Mount Everest during a project to encourage coursemates to use the stairs and save electricity

A-Level students on the Newton Programme organised the project in the spring, as part of INTO’s Green Impact Group which looks at introducing eco-friendly measures into students’ lifestyles.

Students achieved new heights by taking the stairs and scanning barcodes provided on each floor to record the journey. It took students just over a month to reach the height of Mount Everest, approximately 8,840m.

Vy, a student who helped organise and promote the challenge said its purpose was to “encourage participants to use the stairs instead of lifts in order to save electricity.

13 teams of two or three members took part.

Vy added: “We estimated the height of each floor at around two metres and we only counted the journeys they took going up the stairs, not going down.

“8,840m seems like a very long journey, however, with 37 active participants, we finished the challenge in only four weeks and even exceeded the height of Mount Everest. The total height that we reached was 10,334m, which is equivalent to the height of Mount Everest – plus five Eiffel Towers on top!”

Three students won a Student Leadership Special Award, awarded by NUS Green Impact, for organising the Everest Challenge.

NUS Green Impact is a national scheme to promote sustainability across further and higher education institutions. 16 groups from UEA participate, and were recognised at the awards.