Ever wanted to be dropped into the middle of nowhere with nothing but a compass and a map?

Have you not at one time or another considered going back to nature like early man (except armed with a waterproof jacket and enough energy drink to fuel a small army), braving the elements and seeking fame in adventuring, all the while raising money for charity like the selfless saint you are?

Well, UEA’s Raising and Giving (RAG) society have got you covered. On Saturday 3 March, at the ungodly hour of 9am, the society will take a number of brave souls by coach to an unknown location.

The students will then be told to find their way back to campus within 24 hours while completing undisclosed challenges, without use of personal funds, digital location services or, shockingly, alcohol.

The aim of the event, aptly named ‘LOST’, is to raise money for the charities Happy Days, Emergency UK, and Mind.

These charities respectively help disabled children get the most out of life, support civilian victims of war and poverty, and deal with issues surrounding metal health.

Through fundraising, sponsorship and accosting members of the public during the event itself, RAG hope to raise funds for these more than worthy causes, converting the suffering of lost students into funds which can do some good in the world.

Individuals wishing to take part will be charged £10 a head, and will be expected to raise at least £50 each by Thursday 1 March.

Teams will be made up of three people who have to stay together at all times – so, if you’re interested, pick people you’re absolutely sure you like.