On Wednesday 15 November, UEA SU joined a national student demonstration in London for free education.

The event attracted thousands of students from across the country, all demanding that education should be free and funded by taxing the richest in society.

SU Non Portfolio Officer Lucy Auger explained the SU supported the demonstration and provided free coach transport to it because “UEA SU proudly supports free education.”

She explained: “For the first time in years, free education is firmly within reach. Continuing to fight for an end to tuition fees is absolutely vital – and we must show current and successive governments that we have not forgotten what was taken from us, and that we are willing to fight for free education as long as it takes.”

The demonstration was supported by UEA’s Socialist and Momentum societies. Thai Braddick, president of UEA Momentum, told Concrete how thousands of students “marched through London and rallied in front of Westminster for free education for all.”

He said: “UEA Momentum were extremely proud to take part in the #FreeEdNow demo.”

He added that the group were showing support, “in solidarity with student societies and worker’s unions all over Britain.

“The #FreeEdNow demo was just the beginning though, and we hope to continue to agitate and organise direct action until we see an end to the marketisation of the university system. Education isn’t a privilege – it’s a right.”

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn also showed support for the annual march. He said: “The political establishment has betrayed young people. Since 2010, the Tories have made unprecedented cuts to further education.

“Now the Tories think that capping university fees at £9,250 will be some sort of remedy to all this. What an insult.

“Everyone should have access to free education, from the cradle to the grave.”

The organisers of the demonstration expected around 10,000 young people to attend, but the turnout appeared to be lower than it has been in previous years.