New research from YouGov revealed that students expect to have to fill out 24 job applications on average before entering employment.


The report entitled, ‘School Leavers and Students’ First Jobs’, provides an insight into the expectations of students after graduation. Students in Higher Education believe they will have to apply for 26 jobs until they are successful in contrast to sixth form students who expect to fill out 17 applications.

According to reports findings, young people are appreciative of the value of workplace experience when entering the labour market. Over three quarters of students think that the failure to gain relevant work experience could impinge on their aspirations to pursue their preferred career.

James McCoy, Research Director at YouGov, said: “Although the economy is showing signs of recovery, young people feel that they face an extremely tough employment situation. Most see finding employment as hard work, and the number of applications they expect to fill out is testament to that. They also appreciate how competitive the market is and how much of a premium employers put on experience when hiring staff”.