The university’s initiative to encourage participation in the NSS survey with free cakes will most likely lead to a greater student turnout, but should be questioned and ultimately refused by us.

The government plan to use the results of the National Student Survey as part of its Teaching Excellence Framework, which will give rank universities bronze, silver, or gold.

UEA is considered a top 15 university, and consistently ranks high for student satisfaction. Without a doubt, it will receive a positive result in the NSS this year.

This, as the National Union of Students (NUS) are suggesting, will be used to justify our continually rising tuition fees. UEA have already announced that new students will be charged an extra £250 a year, and the NSS results will only legitimise this change. The NUS suggest that by disrupting the process that the government are using to decide on fee increases, there is potential to protest and reverse the changes being implemented.

UEA are very aware that most students are unlikely to turn down free food for completing a survey, and they are striving for to disunite students across the country.

This cake is in fact not free. Its cost is our student rights, and that comes at £250 a year.