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Hectic. That’s the only word I have for today. Sure, it’s been in the works for months – I signed the agreement weeks ago – but nothing can prepare you for the moment the once empty, internet-trapped room becomes your castle.  Billy cried this morning. He – and I quote – wanted to know why…

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My Illness Has Teeth

  Debby asked me to keep a tally for the number of cups of coffee I drink per day. I keep the tally in my mind. Three so far today, I think. If decaf counts, then maybe four or five more. If strawberry infused green tea counts, then five or six. Maybe seven. Pushing eight…

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We see people in the streets: Eyes ablaze, voices loud, hearts angry; More aware of injustice than we’ve ever been.  We will not be silenced. We ask to be taught our past To know better, do better, be better – Statues are falling, attitudes are evolving, people are learning. We demand a better future. We…

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Our Thoughts

This should not be happening in 2020. We are living in a time which promotes equality for all; No one should be hated. But others haven’t seemed to have gotten the memo. 2020 has proved that. The thorns on a deeply rooted bush Still blind some eyes to the injustice happening all around us, And…

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Just Platonic?

There are relationships doomed to suffer, and relationships that make suffering. Like a cop who kisses his gun at night and lays it under his pillow. The only Black he dares to touch is the butt of his precinct-funded revolver; he tends her like a prized cow raised for slaughter, cocking his perverse killing machine….

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