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UEA cancels entry onto 16 courses

UEA has cancelled entry onto 16 courses for the 2020/21 academic year due to concerns over the ability to properly deliver other courses. A UEA spokesperson stated the university has had to “re-deploy resources”. Current students of these courses remain unaffected and delivery will not be interrupted, but no new applicants will be allowed to…


University marketisation and UEA(su)

All UEA students will recall the strikes from February to March by the UCU over pay, pensions, casualisation and rising workloads. Marketisation of universities was blamed by many teachers on the picket line, so why are universities focused on generating income for the Vice-Chancellor and senior management instead of improving the lives of those who…


It’s time to try UBI

The idea of Universal Basic Income (UBI) has existed for decades but has grown in popularity in recent years. UBI involves paying every member of the population an equal, set amount of money every month. There are variations that have been proposed, but in an “ideal” UBI model, the amount paid to each person is…

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